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"This city is coming together in ways I could never have imagined!"

-Dave Burlin, Nevada State Organizer:

Global Entrepreneurship Las Vegas

What is it?

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international movement – powered by thousands of partner organizations dedicated to making it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company.

This November, Global Entrepreneurship Network will celebrate 13 years of helping millions of people unleash their ideas to start and scale new businesses through Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The campaign began in 2008 with an emphasis on inspiring young people to make their mark and has quickly grown to become a comprehensive effort that engages entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers, support organizations and others collaborating to advance economic growth and innovation in more than 180+ countries around the world.

Event Partners:

Donate Venue Space!

Since this is a community effort, many organizations are stepping up and offering spaces throughout Las Vegas to host GEW activities. If you are interested in having your space featured during GEW, connect with Dave Burlin and the committee today!

Become a Volunteer!

With more than 20 events happening across Las Vegas during GEW, we will have several opportunities to volunteer during the week. Other opportunities to help with planning, marketing, and committee meetings are also available, so be sure to connect today!

Become a Partner & Host an Event!

GEW wouldn't be possible without great community partners. A Partner is any individual or organization that hosts and event during GEW.

From networking events, to panel discussions, to launch parties, and keynotes, there are a variety of different types of events you can host to help us celebrate this milestone in our community. All partners will have a number of audience guides and event resources, as well as all branding materials to help ensure that your event is a success. Become a Partner today!

Become a Sponsor

For GEW!

Make your brand stand out! Perfect for the organization looking to lift their brand above the noise!

Let the community of Las Vegas know that you mean business and you support the entrepreneurs and initiatives that are making our city move forward!


When is Global Entrepreneurship Week?

GEW 2022 will be celebrated from November 14 – 20, 2022, with national campaigns in 180 countries – engaging millions of participants in activities.

Is GEW a single event?

GEW is not a single event – it is tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions like yours that take place all around the world simultaneously.

Who can participate?

Anyone can take part in Global Entrepreneurship Week. Create your online profile at GEW.CO to get started.

What is a Partner?

A Partner is simply any person or organization that hosts and event during GEW.

How It Works:

Global Entrepreneurship Week is more than just an awareness initiative – it is a platform for connection and collaboration, which works to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

Powered by the Kauffman Foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week unleashes more than $150 million to support entrepreneurs each November – from large, national campaigns down to small, local activities and everything in between.

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